It had to be you by Keris Stainton 

My review This book is pure chick-lit, an easy light fluffy read. I read this as a mind cleanser to reboot the brain.  The story is simple Bea has been seeing the same dream for years about meeting a man on the park bench and one day she does. DAN. So she believes fate has... Continue Reading →


An excerpt… An intro

What a beautiful way to highlight the beginning of a journey. The life of an author and his book starts with publishing and moves on to publicizing so that readers all over the world get to know both the author and his life's hard work... Thank you, Shannon for this opportunity to learn more about... Continue Reading →

The Secret Child by Kerry Fisher 

My review A mother's love is all encompassing, it is always present, and it comes from her soul... I looked down at their fingers entwined, struck by the sheer power of maternal love. Within that clasp was so much love and longing, such strength of feeling that time had done nothing to diminish.  A quote... Continue Reading →

The Missing Child by Alison James

My review A child, Lola Jade is abducted from her home, and the mother directs blame on her estranged husband. The police investigate thoroughly but are left with no clues. The case is then handed over to Detective Rachel Prince, along with her partner Brickall, goes deeper into this abduction. Then comes the murder of... Continue Reading →

Anything for her by G J Minett 

My review A long uphill road that leads to almost nothing.... This is the best I can describe about this book. The story is simple Billy meets ex-girlfriend, Aimi after 11 years, she wants his help to disappear, away from an abusive husband. He helps and then discovers nothing is as it seems.  The plot... Continue Reading →

Before I Let You Go by Kelly Rimmer

My review The story goes something like this... Lexie and Annie are sisters, one is a doctor, the other a drug addict. Yet when Annie calls Lexie for help in her pregnant state, Lexie leaves everything to help her. Annie's baby is born early but undergoes narcotic withdrawal in the ICU, and Annie herself has... Continue Reading →

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