My interview with Elias Zanbaka 

I generally don't read short stories till I got an opportunity to read this... I was left wondering why would anyone have Mother Nature as his enemy? And how did Elias get such an idea.. It's so out there.. But, when I understood the so called target's story, I was thunderstruck with the pain a... Continue Reading →

Environmentally friendly by Elias Zanbaka 

My review Imagine being thrust in the middle of a movie where there is active pursuit happening... Just close your eyes and imagine...  The scene is thus  Sergeant Schaefer, running after his target who has a makeshift flamethrower and a chainsaw, suddenly finds his body in flames. To stop from getting fully burnt, he dives... Continue Reading →

Sweet Little Lies by Caz Frear

My review Maryanne Doyle went to buy hairspray and never came back on 31st May, 1998... Murdered??? In the present time, a woman is found murdered and dumped at Leamington Square close to the pub, McAuley's... The first line caused me to pick up the book and the second, to continue with it. Both these lines... Continue Reading →

Each Little Lie by Tom Bale 

My review One momentary lapse of intelligent decision leads to uncovering of deception and lies...  This 69 chapter book starts with Jennifer Cornish, a single mother, doing an utterly stupid thing. She picks up her neighbour, Alex Wilson's keys, as he rushes out in a hurry, and instead of giving it to the police, decides... Continue Reading →

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