Someone asked me yesterday — why should I believe in you? — I was left shell shocked. I didn't know what to answer. In this virtual world, why should anyone believe anyone? And what makes someone believe in me? After 9 months of blogging, I think I have made some good friends, people with whom … Continue reading Believe…



(Pic from Pixabay) I have come from the ashes of my soul I have burst through the pain to become whole... I have lived and died everytime I was screamed at I have cried so much that the tears soon dried up... I fought for a life when life was suffering I cried for a … Continue reading Pain


(pic source: pixabay) Saying goodbye to someone on a daily basis is knowing we are going to meet them soon Saying goodbye to someone travelling afar is difficult, but there is always hope of meeting someday Saying goodbye to someone traveling to another realm is heartbreaking, as there is no hope but just a wish … Continue reading Goodbye


I was asked today, shouldn't my age and my marital status generate respect? Shouldn't a human younger to me call me Ms. Shalini or madam? By calling me ma'am or Shalini ji, does that generate respect? Does that indicate respect? Would calling me Shalini at my behest without a prefix or postfix show that I … Continue reading Questions


I roam this earth, in search I find after long and difficult wait I lose it in moments still I stop breathing in that pain My mind searches in all the lands My heart just beats to pump blood I stop looking out and stay within I dream of dreams but never wish I stay … Continue reading Musings


I read a book, a book which was fiction but based on something which is a reality, sometimes evident, but most times hidden. Sometimes, we see it yet we pretend not to see it, and sometimes, the few bold humans take action against it, sometimes for themselves and sometimes for others.  This truth of life … Continue reading Musings