A Silent Enemy

Originally posted on Anindya's blog as my guest post— You entered my life as a friend You pretended goodness, when you really were a fiend You behaved in a manner which was helpful I grew complacent thinking you wouldn't be hurtful I believed in you, trusting your way I slept peacefully keeping fear at bay I thought... Continue Reading →



A child I lived a life of innocence or so I thought I played with everyone or so I thought  I was loved by all or so I thought I was protected forever or so I thought...  Life was what the elders showed Path was what the siblings followed  Life though troubled, was balanced still... Continue Reading →

Ode to me

Life begins everyday A new dawn arises everyday I look at my past, I see my struggles I  look in my heart, I see a survivor I see the people who have broken my heart I see me as I bind the pieces together  I trust people not to hurt me, they fail blindingly I struggle... Continue Reading →

Thank You

I was asked by a friend directly - when are you writing for my blog?  Followed by a - would you like to write for my blog? — Look at the audacity but first and foremost, look at the trust and friendship bestowed upon me.  I have been asked previously to write for a few bloggers,... Continue Reading →


Colour is spelled differently in different parts of the world: add a U, remove a U. Does colour change its spelling depending on what the colour of the skin is? Does the skin colour make so much of a difference in viewing people? I have discovered — apparently so. Colour of the skin matters to... Continue Reading →

Dreams of the mind

I saw a dream with open eyes I believed it to be true...  It was colorful, it was bright It was everything a dream ought to be The days and nights melted together  The sunshine was perfect, the moon luminous There was happiness and blessed peace The pain in the heart suddenly stopped The tears... Continue Reading →

Questions from the soul

Am I a kind person??? Am I kind to the people who love me???  This question has been running through my mind for the last couple of weeks. And the answer is - No, not always  Why are we unkind to the people we profess to love???  When a person is unkind to me or calls... Continue Reading →


What is a lie??  Is it a lie when we don't tell the entire truth, is half a truth a lie?? Or a lie is only when we do not tell the truth at all.  In life, I have told half truths as I don't want to worry the family or when the truth does... Continue Reading →

Ramblings of the mind

Once upon a time, a learned man from the lands far, far away told me a simple thing True love is the easiest path to follow I replied If you find true love, don't ever let go Living in this world, I soon saw that most people say a lot of things but don't follow... Continue Reading →

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