Wicked Thoughts (title as coined by Amitav)

I wrote this poem suddenly as a comment on Amitav Chowdhury's blog and he was so kind to make it as a post, give it a title and publish it on his blog. Thank you so much Amitav for this honor. This friendship has been destined or it so feels... He writes poems, he is … Continue reading Wicked Thoughts (title as coined by Amitav)


Spam – check your folder

I am making a heartfelt request to all the bloggers whom I follow and who follow me, I do post a comment on most of the blogs I read. Can you please check the spam folder here on WordPress and on your mail, as I have mailed most of you and perhaps mail me back?? … Continue reading Spam – check your folder


To the nameless, faceless people who come to my blog to attack me on my reviews — DON'T I don't go to anybody's blog and write nasty comments on their views or book reviews, so don't come to mine to abuse me. Don't come to my blog and attack me or my profession. You will … Continue reading Notice

A Request

To everyone, When you ask me to follow your blog without reading a word of my post, you are insulting me and my hard work. I am generally very polite and well mannered. I always follow people who follow me or like my posts or like even one of my comment on any post. I … Continue reading A Request


Someone asked me yesterday — why should I believe in you? — I was left shell shocked. I didn't know what to answer. In this virtual world, why should anyone believe anyone? And what makes someone believe in me? After 9 months of blogging, I think I have made some good friends, people with whom … Continue reading Believe…


(pic source: pixabay) Saying goodbye to someone on a daily basis is knowing we are going to meet them soon Saying goodbye to someone travelling afar is difficult, but there is always hope of meeting someday Saying goodbye to someone traveling to another realm is heartbreaking, as there is no hope but just a wish … Continue reading Goodbye