What is a lie??  Is it a lie when we don't tell the entire truth, is half a truth a lie?? Or a lie is only when we do not tell the truth at all.  In life, I have told half truths as I don't want to worry the family or when the truth does... Continue Reading →


Ramblings of the mind

Once upon a time, a learned man from the lands far, far away told me a simple thing True love is the easiest path to follow I replied If you find true love, don't ever let go Living in this world, I soon saw that most people say a lot of things but don't follow... Continue Reading →


I roam this earth, in search I find after long and difficult wait I lose it in moments still I stop breathing in that pain My mind searches in all the lands My heart just beats to pump blood I stop looking out and stay within I dream of dreams but never wish I stay... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Pain

I look at the people passing by My eyes tired and ancient I have lived a lot of births in this birth I have heard so much from everyone I have the pain inside of me I die a thousand deaths when I am judged I try to hold on even when nothing feels worth... Continue Reading →


I read a book, a book which was fiction but based on something which is a reality, sometimes evident, but most times hidden. Sometimes, we see it yet we pretend not to see it, and sometimes, the few bold humans take action against it, sometimes for themselves and sometimes for others.  This truth of life... Continue Reading →


I often have so many things to say, an opinion about everything I am told , but when it comes to talking about things close to my heart, then I wait till the cup doth runneth over. So here it goes, hope what I say touches the right hearts in the right way. This post... Continue Reading →


Recently I had heard a comment made by my good friend that the elders above 70  years  should die soon. I was so flabbergasted on hearing this that for a second, my brain just stopped, my heart cried out, "How could he?" I do know where my friend is coming from, his problems at home, what he... Continue Reading →

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