Interview with Curtis W Jackson 

I read a book, I reviewed a book and I posted it here Waiting for Regina  I loved the book, it was a thoughtful and a powerful story, written simply. So, I reached out to the author and asked him a few questions about Mispha and his journey with her... I present to you Curtis Jackson... ... Continue Reading →


Saint Vicky by Chester Betty

My review  I read a story and I went into its reality. I found myself surrounded by that reality. Then I met a scientist who made a machine which creates a new reality. Then I saw the people in that reality make a machine which makes another reality. So in which reality am I, the... Continue Reading →

Hemisphere(book1) by A. V. Osten

My review  I got the opportunity to read this book and I took a chance on it as I find myself liking sci-fi, futuristic kind of novels. I am still discovering myself...  Every human needs the personal freedom to be....  The premise of this book is futuristic, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, set in the year 2217, where... Continue Reading →

My interview with Elias Zanbaka 

I generally don't read short stories till I got an opportunity to read this... I was left wondering why would anyone have Mother Nature as his enemy? And how did Elias get such an idea.. It's so out there.. But, when I understood the so called target's story, I was thunderstruck with the pain a... Continue Reading →

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