Interview with Author Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala 

After reading The Dravidian, I was curious to know the man behind the book, the author, the creator who has used his knowledge of patent and trademark law to bring about this fast paced legal thriller.  So with much trepidation, I contacted Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala and luckily for me, he could find time in his... Continue Reading →


Interview with Curtis W Jackson 

I read a book, I reviewed a book and I posted it here Waiting for Regina  I loved the book, it was a thoughtful and a powerful story, written simply. So, I reached out to the author and asked him a few questions about Mispha and his journey with her... I present to you Curtis Jackson... ... Continue Reading →

Saint Vicky by Chester Betty

My review  I read a story and I went into its reality. I found myself surrounded by that reality. Then I met a scientist who made a machine which creates a new reality. Then I saw the people in that reality make a machine which makes another reality. So in which reality am I, the... Continue Reading →

Hemisphere(book1) by A. V. Osten

My review  I got the opportunity to read this book and I took a chance on it as I find myself liking sci-fi, futuristic kind of novels. I am still discovering myself...  Every human needs the personal freedom to be....  The premise of this book is futuristic, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, set in the year 2217, where... Continue Reading →

My interview with Elias Zanbaka 

I generally don't read short stories till I got an opportunity to read this... I was left wondering why would anyone have Mother Nature as his enemy? And how did Elias get such an idea.. It's so out there.. But, when I understood the so called target's story, I was thunderstruck with the pain a... Continue Reading →

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