Katy’s Choice by J. L. Leslie

The author spotlight on Digital Reads Alcove is J. L. Leslie with her book Katy's Choice. Book blurb I left home seven years ago, trying to pursue my dream. California was going to give me everything. Life. A career. Money. I had no idea how quickly a dream could turn into a nightmare. A motorcycle … Continue reading Katy’s Choice by J. L. Leslie


Three Summers by S. J. Sylvis

A new week and a new author on Digital Reads Alcove I present to you Author S. J. Sylvis with her book Three Summers Book blurb "Hi. My name is Sadie and I was the victim of an attempted robbery at gunpoint three weeks ago." Those were the first words I spoke to my therapist … Continue reading Three Summers by S. J. Sylvis

Nerve Damage by Tom Combs

Monday brings with it a new author in its spotlight!! Digital Reads Alcove pre sents Tom Combs with his medical thriller Nerve Damage Excerpt Chapter 1 Wayzata, suburban Minneapolis, late afternoon She basked in the Minnesota summer sun and the brilliance of her imminent triumph. The morning’s pleasures had been just a sampling of what … Continue reading Nerve Damage by Tom Combs

Saving Ginny by T. N. Lowe

Hola! Digital Reads Alcove presents a new author on this bright new week. Saving Ginny by T N Lowe, a brilliant cover Excerpt 1 “No, I don’t have a boyfriend,” I tell him my cheeks heating in embarrassment. Dad laughs from the driver’s seat while Mom turns around to faces us, “Do you think your … Continue reading Saving Ginny by T. N. Lowe

Blackheart by Raelle Logan #authorspotlight #digitalreadsalcove

Hey guys, I am back with a second author of Digital Reads Alcove. Raelle Logan with her book Blackheart. The cover itself won my heart. Who wouldn't love a swashbuckling handsome rogue like him... Major swoon moment!! Excerpt Siren watched the door to her newest prison open. She recoiled and rebuked her captor’s every move. … Continue reading Blackheart by Raelle Logan #authorspotlight #digitalreadsalcove

Fractured Soul by Laura Birzulis #authorpromo #digitalreadsalcove

Hey guys, My week long author promo starts with Laura Birzulis and her book Fractured Soul. Check out the book, the excerpt certainly intrigued me... Excerpt Okay maybe I was a little afraid; if I got caught it would be painful in more ways than one. I was alone for the first time, I was … Continue reading Fractured Soul by Laura Birzulis #authorpromo #digitalreadsalcove

Digital Reads Alcove presents…

Every week, I have a beautiful author under the spotlight to meet, to greet, and to interact with on my book group, Digital Reads Alcove. I have a series of authors who have been booked every week for a month. I start with the gorgeous Laura Birzulis from the 14th to 19th May, promoting her … Continue reading Digital Reads Alcove presents…