The Child Finder by Rene Denfield

My review The blurb sounded so interesting that I had to pick this book up to read. And it didn't disappoint me totally. As any book there were good parts and some not so...   As the blurb says, Madison disappears, no clues, police assume her to be dead, frozen under snow, parents still in hope.... Continue Reading →


Implicit: Soul Invictus by Mark Tiro

My review A beautiful spiritual book by Mark Tiro based on love and forgiveness.  The story is about the protagonist, a lawyer Maya, where one lie by her student in law school, ruins her career. In plotting revenge with a lawsuit against the student, she invites her friend to the coffee shop where a shooting... Continue Reading →

Splintered Silence by Sarah Furlong 

My review The story is written in the background of the clan of Irish Travellers who are thought to be gypsies and are looked upon by the local people. Many have settled in America for generations and are frequently discriminated against. I liked the fact that the author explains this in the foreword. Brynn returns... Continue Reading →

Homecoming in Christmas Falls by Ciara Knight

My review 7 friends + high school + pranks + one leaves suddenly without goodbye = 8 years of no connection. Till the energy of the group, Ashley comes back to the town of Christmas Falls and sees the businesses dying out and their community centre shut off. Then begins the plan of recapturing the old magic of Christmas Falls...  The author, Ciara Knight, has written... Continue Reading →

At Wave’s End by Patricia Perry Donovan

My review A must-read book on mother daughter relationship. Faith is exasperated with her mother's naivety and innocent mind when she gets duped by scammers. But the latest was when she supposedly wins a bed-and-breakfast inn, Mermaid's Purse which is nothing like the picture depicted. Faith is at wit's end with this Mermaid's Purse at Wave's End.... Continue Reading →

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