Here I go again... I ran.. I hid... I tried to escape... I tried camouflage too. I told him I am too boring. But alas... Lo and behold... Unexpectedly he nominated me.. You ask: so many have nominated me, why haven't I done those awards... Hmmm... Hmmm yet more hmmm... I have no answer...  Maybe... Continue Reading →


The Sunshine Blogger Award

  Another tag, another friend, another midnight and I am down with my laptop doing this difficult exam?? You say an exam?? Oh yes it is... Imagine looking deep into oneself and laying bare your inner most thoughts, it's definitely a self exam.. What do I say about Shyamal, he is one of the first blogger... Continue Reading →

The Blue Sky Tag

Oh here I go again , another weekend and another tag ! I hid, I dodged and I tried to jump into the words and blog posts. I even took on a mistaken identity but lo and behold she recognised me ..ow ow...she pulled my ear (figuratively, not literally as she is too cute for that... Continue Reading →

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