This blog was started by me purely from my love for reading books. I read books according to my mood. I read all genre in fiction except erotica and abuse. I will give preference to authors who want blog tours or beta reading. 

I am accepting requests of reviews for children’s books. A physical copy of the book for review would be preferable to a digital copy.

I am accepting books for review directly from Publishers, either directly or via NetGalley. I would prefer a digital copy preferably in mobi or epub format.

I conduct BLOG TOURS for authors and publishers who want to publicize their books and promote their writing on my blog and others.

I am accepting selected books from indie authors if they are well written (3* and above).

I don’t have a fixed time for review as I have a back log of books. 


Blog Tours 

Kindly check out my terms and conditions on the link Digital Reads Blog Tours

FOR BUDDING AUTHORS Beta Reading Services 

I beta read and edit both work in progress and complete manuscripts

Kindly check the terms and conditions on the link  Digital Reads et al

My reading preferences

I read all genre of books for beta reading, fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, self-help, spiritual books.


I would review all products honestly, gadgets, beauty products, shoes, purses anything which holds my interest, for nominal charges. 

My Ratings for books and products

5 stars – Amazing, must-read, must-have, I want to tell everyone about this

4 stars – Extremely good, but with some minor flaws

3 stars – Good read but with major flaws, but still held my interest

2 stars – An OK read, but needs fixing, could not hold my interest for long

1 star – Hated it

I add a disclaimer here that all the terms noted here are subject to changes at my discretion. Time taken for me to review a book is arbitrary.

Thank you for reading,



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