This blog has been started by me purely from my love for reading books. I used to review all books, previously in my mind, now I do it on my blog. I would love to review books of all authors both established and self published and indie authors. It takes guts and confidence to put your work for all to see, however you do it.

It would be my honour to review your book honestly on my blog, Amazon and Goodreads for nominal charges.

My terms would be as follows :

  • I accept only e-books, preferably in a mobi or word format. Let me know if you have it written in any other format
  • I would read and review all the books that kindle my interest and curiosity, so a short synopsis of the story is a must
  • I would like to know beforehand about any sexual violence, swear words or child abuse in your book
  • I would require at least a month to read and review your book, I generally read faster than that but sometimes circumstances happen so a month is the maximum time I take
  • The books reviewed on my blog are generally the ones given to me either by the author or the publisher / NetGalley or I buy it from Amazon
  • I offer a lot of services for both budding and published authors. Kindly check the terms and conditions of that on my blog http://www.betareadingbyshalini.blogspot.com
  • My payment  via PayPal at www.paypal.me/ShaliniGopal.
  • Kindly contact me on my email address dr.svg@outlook.com via the blog or personally for my charges.

My reading preferences

  • Psychological thriller
  • Thriller
  • Suspense
  • Police procedural
  • Adventure
  • Contemporary
  • Family saga
  • Romance
  • Women’s fiction
  • Chick-lit
  • Light horror
  • Sci-fi ( just started)

do not review on my blog, erotica or abuse content books. Kindly mail me if your book has these contents.

My Ratings

5 stars – Amazing, must-read, book hangover, I want to tell everyone about this book

4 stars – Extremely good, entertaining read but with some minor flaws

3 stars – Good read but with major flaws, but still held my interest

2 stars – An OK read but needs good editing, could not hold my interest for long

1 star – Hated it

I add a disclaimer here that all the terms noted here are subject to changes at my discretion.

Authors and readers welcome…

Thank you for reading,


Shalini Gopal



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