Sisterly Love by Michelle Vernal

Today I am the host of Sisterly Love by Michelle Vernal organized by Rachelle @rareresources. My review Relationship between sisters who stay in different parts of the world are often frayed, and the author has done a great job in showing that. This book is all about recapturing the bond and the love between sisters … Continue reading Sisterly Love by Michelle Vernal


The Almost Wife by Jade Beer

My review I loved this book as well as hated it. The reason for both is the same — the characters 3 brides to be and 1 owner of wedding dress store = intersection of lives. Bride 1 Jessie, the bridezilla, is so rude and condescending that I just wanted to slap her and make … Continue reading The Almost Wife by Jade Beer

Blog Tour Not Like Everyone Else by Jennifer Leigh #blogtour #excerpt

I present to you the debut Not Like Everyone Else by Jennifer Leigh Excerpt The wind rushing through my hair, the rush of adrenaline as everything moves faster than time. The momentum thrusts me forward, making me feel as if I am on cloud nine. That is what I tell myself every time this happens. … Continue reading Blog Tour Not Like Everyone Else by Jennifer Leigh #blogtour #excerpt

Blog Tour Aug 20 – 25 #sci-fi #thriller

Another blog tour in August I do know many bloggers who wanted to review a good sci-fi thriller, and I got you one. Believe me, the book is good. I have read it... It is fun, exciting, exhilarating. Oh yeah!! The adventure does happen in a planet called Certamen... Please put your name in the … Continue reading Blog Tour Aug 20 – 25 #sci-fi #thriller

Nerve Damage by Tom Combs

Monday brings with it a new author in its spotlight!! Digital Reads Alcove pre sents Tom Combs with his medical thriller Nerve Damage Excerpt Chapter 1 Wayzata, suburban Minneapolis, late afternoon She basked in the Minnesota summer sun and the brilliance of her imminent triumph. The morning’s pleasures had been just a sampling of what … Continue reading Nerve Damage by Tom Combs

Blog Tour end of July – T. A. Barua #fantasy #childrensbook #MGbook

Hello, Another day, another blog tour I present to you Arcacia by author T. A. Barua A fun filled, book with witches, warlock, and children of the Sorceress queen. A book which captures the heart and the imagination. A book which can be enjoyed by readers of all ages! Come, join me on this blog … Continue reading Blog Tour end of July – T. A. Barua #fantasy #childrensbook #MGbook

Blog Tour in July – Robbie Yates #childrensbook #MGbook

Hey all, It is a party and everyone's invited!! I am back with another book by the sweetest author of all times... ROBBIE YATES with his book DANIEL DANIELS AND THE WORLD'S WORST ZOO Calling all bloggers who have the child in them, still shining with the fire of innocence, join in. Become a part … Continue reading Blog Tour in July – Robbie Yates #childrensbook #MGbook

Blog Tour — Tied to Deceit by Neena H Brar

Hello I have started Digital Reads Blog Tours at the behest of my author friends to help them promote their books on blog and social media. All authors and book bloggers (including newcomers) are welcome to join me in this journey. The terms and conditions are on this link Digital Reads Blog Tours. Authors : … Continue reading Blog Tour — Tied to Deceit by Neena H Brar