Class Of Thought

I am generally a very nice person, unless provoked. I recently received a message from a young author on Facebook demanding me to review his books as I am a reviewer and it is my job to review and he needs support for his books. Politely explaining that I am not well and I am … Continue reading Class Of Thought


The Last Romeo by Justin Myers

My review The story as the name suggests, goes henceforth. James (Jim as he is known as) breaks up with his dominating boyfriend and joins an online dating app to try and find a new boyfriend, a new life. At the behest and encouragement of his best friend, Bella, he starts a blog about his … Continue reading The Last Romeo by Justin Myers

The Forever Night Stand by Bena Roberts #bookpromo @randomresources

Hey guys!! I am back with Amazing Rachel's blog tour for Forever Night Stand by Bena Roberts Book blurb A two hour romance which starts with drama and mayhem! Sara has her back up against the wall. She is recovering from the side effects of chemotherapy and at her own "cancer free" party, she makes … Continue reading The Forever Night Stand by Bena Roberts #bookpromo @randomresources

A Request

To everyone, When you ask me to follow your blog without reading a word of my post, you are insulting me and my hard work. I am generally very polite and well mannered. I always follow people who follow me or like my posts or like even one of my comment on any post. I … Continue reading A Request

Production Values by Liv Bartlet #bookexcerpt @randomresources

Hey all!! I am part of fabulous Rachel's team for the blog tour for Production Values by Liv Bartlet Intro One of Monkey & Me’s new TV ventures has hit the skids. The other, Void, is premiering with great expectations, while tension grows between Kat and Bea. Excerpt Void premiered on a Saturday in a … Continue reading Production Values by Liv Bartlet #bookexcerpt @randomresources

Blackheart by Raelle Logan #authorspotlight #digitalreadsalcove

Hey guys, I am back with a second author of Digital Reads Alcove. Raelle Logan with her book Blackheart. The cover itself won my heart. Who wouldn't love a swashbuckling handsome rogue like him... Major swoon moment!! Excerpt Siren watched the door to her newest prison open. She recoiled and rebuked her captor’s every move. … Continue reading Blackheart by Raelle Logan #authorspotlight #digitalreadsalcove

Fractured Soul by Laura Birzulis #authorpromo #digitalreadsalcove

Hey guys, My week long author promo starts with Laura Birzulis and her book Fractured Soul. Check out the book, the excerpt certainly intrigued me... Excerpt Okay maybe I was a little afraid; if I got caught it would be painful in more ways than one. I was alone for the first time, I was … Continue reading Fractured Soul by Laura Birzulis #authorpromo #digitalreadsalcove