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I started this blogging journey with G M Sherwin’s debut novel Immortalis, and it gives me great pleasure to read and review his second book The Lazarus Gene. 

The book ends in a cliffhanger and I was left wondering how to review a book which ends, when the story really starts… Till my friend Jay suggested – review from backwards/ reverse. Now I am left with 2 dilemma, a reverse review about a cliffhanger book where story ends when it got interesting.

So here it goes… 

When you play God… There is a price to pay

The Dead should remain Dead… 

With words like these, is it any wonder that this book would attract any reader who likes horror? With a cover like this, is it any wonder that any self-respecting horror fan would pick up the book automatically?

At 82 pages, it is a beginning of the series and a scary, horror filled one at that. The author G M Sherwin’s main character, Daniel has everything which a rugged military man should have: great instincts, a killing machine, and a brain which doesn’t stop evaluating. He is awake after two years of coma in a medical facility with no clear understanding of what the circumstances are, but he is ready to face it. Till he is shot dead… 

Will he arise? Will he resurrect?? What is the Resurrection program?? What is infecting and resurrecting the dead?? What have the scientists and military been doing in secrecy?? Has the project backfired?? And now what?? 

Zombies unite and raise hell!!! 

This is Gary’s great attempt at writing horror, his description of gore is amazing. The middle of the book contains horrifying, full, vivid, flesh eating pages (vide the cover) which causes a shiver down the spine, especially if not used to reading horror! Gary has gone all out in this, and I commend him for that. This is what horror is and what horror does… 

The beginning of the books starts with the background of the medical facility and a hint of how things would overturn within a fraction of the time. Gary has brought home the point that play God and deal with consequences of zombie proportions

There are a few niggles… 

Book is a cliffhanger, which leaves the author and the reader with vivid imagination 

The book didn’t flow seamlessly for me, it felt staccato, jumping from character to character, especially when the suspense started tingling the nerves. So that does not leave the reader scared or excited

But on the whole, it is a great attempt at horror and macabre. Waiting eagerly for the next in the series… 

Gary, start writing… 

My rating : 3.5 stars 
About the Author 

G M Sherwin was born and raised in a small village in West Yorkshire and still lives in the north of England with his wife, 3 children and 2 cats, Milo and Bumble.  He has spent much of his working life in management for various industries. 

And it was a love of the Albert Einstein quote, ‘there comes a point in your life when you have to stop reading other people books and write your own’ which spurred him on to write his first book Immortalis

Book blurb 

Daniel Harper surfaces from a coma that has robbed him of two years of his life, only to find himself thrust into a world threatened by an outbreak that could wipe out all mankind.

Forming an uneasy alliance, Daniel is assisted by James Edmunds, the top genetic research scientist at the privately run research centre that currently holds him prisoner, while trying to discover the secrets to the Resurrection program. 

Can Daniel stop the apocalypse in time?? 

Product Details 

Publication date : 22nd September 2017 

Publisher : Sherwin Publications

Language : English 

Available on Amazon; free on kindle unlimited

       Beginning of horror


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      1. I have had that too, left me in a terrible depressed situation. He left me when I least expected him to. With all the other problems going on in my life, He just ran away.
        That’s when I came to know that there is no Raj!!
        Only in movies Raj comes all the way from London to India, and there is a happy ever after.

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