The Lazarus Gene by G M Sherwin 

My review I started this blogging journey with G M Sherwin's debut novel Immortalis, and it gives me great pleasure to read and review his second book The Lazarus Gene.  The book ends in a cliffhanger and I was left wondering how to review a book which ends, when the story really starts... Till my friend Jay suggested … Continue reading The Lazarus Gene by G M Sherwin 


Depth of lies by E. C. Diskin

My review This story is about six friends and neighbours where one commits suicide and the others are left shell-shocked. How can the friend who was the most bubbly and most joyful, who had a perfect zest for life, commit such an ultimate act?? What caused her so much pain that she thought death was … Continue reading Depth of lies by E. C. Diskin


I roam this earth, in search I find after long and difficult wait I lose it in moments still I stop breathing in that pain My mind searches in all the lands My heart just beats to pump blood I stop looking out and stay within I dream of dreams but never wish I stay … Continue reading Musings