Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

My review  This was my first book by Lisa Jewell and I am so angry at the lack of research done in this book by the writer and her team. The story of a child suddenly gone missing is always eye catching and such books are on trend too - this is not why I … Continue reading Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell



I read a book, a book which was fiction but based on something which is a reality, sometimes evident, but most times hidden. Sometimes, we see it yet we pretend not to see it, and sometimes, the few bold humans take action against it, sometimes for themselves and sometimes for others.  This truth of life … Continue reading Musings

Imperfect justice by Cara Putman 

My review This book made me think, it didn't make me think about the story, but about the underlying reason for this story to be born. It's a romantic suspense with a bit of legal framework. But the basic plot rests on domestic violence, a violence that sometimes is obvious but most other times, it's … Continue reading Imperfect justice by Cara Putman 

Don’t Wake Up by Liz Lawler 

My review  As a doctor myself, I found this story chilling and horrifying. Alex Taylor, an emergency room doctor, slowly wakes up to find herself naked and strapped onto the operation table with her legs in stirrups, and her private parts exposed. She is threatened with hints of rape and getting her lips stapled by … Continue reading Don’t Wake Up by Liz Lawler