Bring her Home by David Bell

My review  The story starts with the father, Bill Price, entering the emergency room of the hospital, in search of his daughter, Summer who has been found brutally beaten, head to toe, to an inch of her life in the park, along with her best friend Haley,  who is dead. Bill is in a state … Continue reading Bring her Home by David Bell


The View from Rainshadow Bay by Colleen Coble

My review  The story is a gentle whodunit, a romantic suspense. Shauna McDade, a widow, with her son Alex, is trying to make a living by flying passengers on her helicopter, to and fro between Vancouver and her town Lavender Tides. A year ago, her husband died in a climbing race with his best friend, … Continue reading The View from Rainshadow Bay by Colleen Coble

A Mother like Mine by Kate Hewitt 

My review  Every daughter needs her mother at any age...  This book brings home the above adage in a beautiful way.  3 strong women; grandmother Mary, mother Laura and daughter Abby. There is an ebb and flow of emotions between all of them especially between Laura and Abby. Laura left Abby, she was driven out, … Continue reading A Mother like Mine by Kate Hewitt 

Environmentally friendly by Elias Zanbaka 

My review Imagine being thrust in the middle of a movie where there is active pursuit happening... Just close your eyes and imagine...  The scene is thus  Sergeant Schaefer, running after his target who has a makeshift flamethrower and a chainsaw, suddenly finds his body in flames. To stop from getting fully burnt, he dives … Continue reading Environmentally friendly by Elias Zanbaka