Hemisphere(book1) by A. V. Osten

My review  I got the opportunity to read this book and I took a chance on it as I find myself liking sci-fi, futuristic kind of novels. I am still discovering myself...  Every human needs the personal freedom to be....  The premise of this book is futuristic, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, set in the year 2217, where... Continue Reading →

Imperfect justice by Cara Putman 

My review This book made me think, it didn't make me think about the story, but about the underlying reason for this story to be born. It's a romantic suspense with a bit of legal framework. But the basic plot rests on domestic violence, a violence that sometimes is obvious but most other times, it's... Continue Reading →

Don’t Wake Up by Liz Lawler 

My review  As a doctor myself, I found this story chilling and horrifying. Alex Taylor, an emergency room doctor, slowly wakes up to find herself naked and strapped onto the operation table with her legs in stirrups, and her private parts exposed. She is threatened with hints of rape and getting her lips stapled by... Continue Reading →

Bring her Home by David Bell

My review  The story starts with the father, Bill Price, entering the emergency room of the hospital, in search of his daughter, Summer who has been found brutally beaten, head to toe, to an inch of her life in the park, along with her best friend Haley,  who is dead. Bill is in a state... Continue Reading →

A Mother like Mine by Kate Hewitt 

My review  Every daughter needs her mother at any age...  This book brings home the above adage in a beautiful way.  3 strong women; grandmother Mary, mother Laura and daughter Abby. There is an ebb and flow of emotions between all of them especially between Laura and Abby. Laura left Abby, she was driven out,... Continue Reading →

Reported Missing by Sarah Wray 

My review  There are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn't true, other is to refuse to believe what is true The book starts with these beautiful lines, which immediately made me feel I am in for a thrilling ride, with mysteries untold and secrets unsaid.  Rebecca's husband, Chris is missing... Continue Reading →


I often have so many things to say, an opinion about everything I am told , but when it comes to talking about things close to my heart, then I wait till the cup doth runneth over. So here it goes, hope what I say touches the right hearts in the right way. This post... Continue Reading →

Elements by Nia Markos

My review  It's been really long since I read a book from the fantasy/paranormal genre. I was given this book by the author Nia Markos to give my opinions on it.  So I decided to keep my thriller psyche aside and get into the mode of a young adult. Without much ado, I started this... Continue Reading →

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