Each Little Lie by Tom Bale 

My review One momentary lapse of intelligent decision leads to uncovering of deception and lies...  This 69 chapter book starts with Jennifer Cornish, a single mother, doing an utterly stupid thing. She picks up her neighbour, Alex Wilson's keys, as he rushes out in a hurry, and instead of giving it to the police, decides... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award

  Another tag, another friend, another midnight and I am down with my laptop doing this difficult exam?? You say an exam?? Oh yes it is... Imagine looking deep into oneself and laying bare your inner most thoughts, it's definitely a self exam.. What do I say about Shyamal, he is one of the first blogger... Continue Reading →

The Child by Fiona Barton 

My review  When the truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie - Yevgeny Yevtushenko Fiona Barton, author of The Widow has come out with an absolute cracker of a story with her lead journalist Kate Waters from The Widow  3 women Kate Waters, Angela Massingham, Emma Simmonds, 1 dead baby and a story around all... Continue Reading →

The Blue Sky Tag

Oh here I go again , another weekend and another tag ! I hid, I dodged and I tried to jump into the words and blog posts. I even took on a mistaken identity but lo and behold she recognised me ..ow ow...she pulled my ear (figuratively, not literally as she is too cute for that... Continue Reading →


Recently I had heard a comment made by my good friend that the elders above 70  years  should die soon. I was so flabbergasted on hearing this that for a second, my brain just stopped, my heart cried out, "How could he?" I do know where my friend is coming from, his problems at home, what he... Continue Reading →

Holy Island by LJ Ross

My review After reading a lot of emotional tear-jerkers, I wanted to read a good whodunit, which would trigger my inner sleuth, an all round entertaining book where there is murder, suspense, forensics, police work and a bit of romance.. This book does it all..  As name suggests, one remote island +  3 murders +... Continue Reading →

If you knew her by Emily Elgar 

My review  This is an easy mystery/suspense novel. A light read.. Three main characters : 1) Alice, an ICU high dependency unit nurse and her two patients  2) Frank, with a tracheotomy and ventilator suffering from "locked in syndrome", post stroke and alcoholism  3) Cassie, a young wife with a head injury and coma, post... Continue Reading →

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