The Secret Mother by Shalini Boland

My review A good author is one who writes a book with well etched characters, where the story and plot lines flow and generally the reader is left feeling happy.  A great author is the one who captures the reader's attention from first page, pulls the reader into the story, where each emotion of the... Continue Reading →


White Silence by Jodi Taylor 

My review I got fed up of dealing with the horror in my life so I decided to try fictional horror.  White Silence is classified as a twisty supernatural thriller and the blurb sounded great enough for me to pick it up. The book started well with the main character Elizabeth seeing aura and colors... Continue Reading →


What is a lie??  Is it a lie when we don't tell the entire truth, is half a truth a lie?? Or a lie is only when we do not tell the truth at all.  In life, I have told half truths as I don't want to worry the family or when the truth does... Continue Reading →

Ramblings of the mind

Once upon a time, a learned man from the lands far, far away told me a simple thing True love is the easiest path to follow I replied If you find true love, don't ever let go Living in this world, I soon saw that most people say a lot of things but don't follow... Continue Reading →


I roam this earth, in search I find after long and difficult wait I lose it in moments still I stop breathing in that pain My mind searches in all the lands My heart just beats to pump blood I stop looking out and stay within I dream of dreams but never wish I stay... Continue Reading →

The surrogate by Louise Jensen 

My review When the title of the book is the surrogate, there is a natural curiosity to pick up this book. When the book is by Louise Jensen, the curiosity becomes a need to read the book.  The story is simple Kat and Nick cannot have a child of their own, rather Kat cannot conceive.... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Pain

I look at the people passing by My eyes tired and ancient I have lived a lot of births in this birth I have heard so much from everyone I have the pain inside of me I die a thousand deaths when I am judged I try to hold on even when nothing feels worth... Continue Reading →

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